Hurricane Joaquin has Wreaked Havoc in the Americas / May Impact Europe with Rain and Gusty Winds

Major hurricane Joaquin never made landfall, yet it has wreaked havoc in the Americas. It is one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit The Bahamas as late as October. Winds surpassed 144 knots (165 miles per hour) on October 3, and the hurricane was nearly stationary off of Long Island for nearly two days.

To the north and west, much of the eastern United States has been soaked with rainfall for nearly a week, though no state was hit as hard as South Carolina. Fueled by a relentless flow of tropical moisture from warm Atlantic waters and from the fringes of Joaquin rainfall totals surpassed 600 millimeters (24 inches) in what some local authorities referred to as a “1,000-year event.”

According to Weather Underground, three-day rainfall records were set in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Hurricane Joaquin, after lashing Bermuda with wind gusts over 60 mph and heavy rainfall Sunday, is heading across the open northern Atlantic Ocean and is expected to transition to a non-tropical low-pressure system by late Wednesday. It may impact Europe with rain and gusty winds.

There are differences in the computer forecast models in where it will head with some bringing it towards the United Kingdom, while others take it in the direction of Portugal and Spain.


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