Soul arises from body after fatal accident caught on CCTV

ghost-soul-reincarnation-after-lifeIn a horrific crash in Thailand a truck turns into a motorcyclist and his passenger. According to local reports a girl identified as Manee died while a man called Banjongrat suffered serious injuries.

But in the aftermath of the crash the video shows what appears to be the ‘soul’ of the girl leaving her body and staying at the scene of the accident.

Some people claiming that the so-called ‘soul’ is just computer-generated imagery.

But if it was CGI why then a policeman puts his arm around the so-called ‘soul’ and seems to ask if everything is OK before he moves on. (Scene soul/policeman at about 0,13 seconds in the video).

Could it be that the ‘soul’ actually is Banjongrat, the man who suffered serious injuries?

But then again, it seems unlikely the policeman leaves a seriously injured man without giving him first aid. In addition, it seems impossible that the injured man could move so fast, like he came out of nowhere.

So, who or what is this ‘soul’?

In my opinion, it is indeed Banjongrat but less wounded then locals reported or eventually it is another unknown person who arrived at the scene.

It means, the videographer has indeed manipulated the original footage by cutting out or adding some parts of the footage and blurred the so-called ‘soul’ which actually is Banjongrat or the unknown person who arrived at the scene.


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