NASA just discovered car-sized Asteroid 2016 TH to pass close by Earth

asteroid-to-pass-close-by-earthA space rock passed by Earth undetected on Sep 30, 2016 The asteroid – officially name 2016 TD – whizzed past Earth at a distance of 0.6 LD  and No one saw it coming.

But don’t worry you have missed 2016 TD, NASA just discovered another new asteroid expected to pass close to Earth on October 3, 2016. It was just discovered on Oct. 2nd and has a condition code of 5.

The space rock named as, 2016 TH, will fly roughly 79,700 miles (0.3 LD) from our planet.
2016 TH is actually a small asteroid with an estimates size of 8 meters.

Earth has been given a cosmic close shave by an asteroid – hours after astronomers discovered the space rock. It’s size was estimated 6-14 meters, according to the Minor Planet Centre.

The last month 3 asteroids passed by Earth undetected and another one exploded over Queensland (Australia).


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