30-ton meteorite uncovered in Argentina – The second largest ever found!

30-ton-meteorite-argentina1A meteorite weighing over 30 tons — the second-largest ever found — has been uncovered in Chaco, Argentina in an area known as Campo del Cielo (“Field of Heaven”).

Between 4,200 to 4,700 years ago, the region was hit with a powerful meteor shower that inundated the landscape with an estimated 100 tons of space debris.

What makes this meteorite, named ‘Gancedo’ unusual is its massive size, with a weight estimated at around 68,000 pounds (31,000 kilograms).

The largest meteorite ever uncovered sits in southern Africa. The Hoba meteorite is estimated to weigh more than 132,000 pounds (60,000 kilograms). It’s so big, it hasn’t been moved and is now a tourist site

News organization Compacto Nea posted a video of the meteorite extraction on YouTube Monday.


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