Incredible! Two rays of lights opposite from each other appear during sunset

sun-ray-of-lights-beamsDuring sunset a ray of lights appear in the sky, which meteorologists and astronomers call crespecular or anticrespecular rays.

So far, a natural phenomenon, but if at the same time a similar ray of lights appears exactly at the opposite side of the original ray of lights then something strange is going on.

A farmer who works in the outside from dusk till dawn for the last 25 years has filmed this strange phenomenon and he said that he never has seen this before, only the past 8 weeks.

It seems as the rays of lights are mirrored, which is virtually impossible because there is only one light source, the sun.

The farmer stated that after talking to a meteorologist who teaches and has been filming strange cloud formations and rare phenomenon himself, the meteorologist stated that this phenomenon is so rare and as far he knows no meteorologist or anyone has ever even seen this occur.

According to the farmer, the meteorologist then stated that crespecular or anticrespecular rays are not proven yet to be caused by clouds at sunset or sunrise and that it would be very lucky to see such a rare phenomenon once in a lifetime.

So this is above and beyond strange and a pure miracle that the farmer witnessed and filmed this phenomenon in much less than ten times in two months.

After the farmer sent two of his videos to the meteorologist, he was very surprised to see that the rays are forming from the north. The meteoroligst even stated that would mean there is a light source coming from the north.

Now it seems that this rare phenomenon for the first time occurred in 2008 about the same time when they started to spray more chemicals and biological agents in the air, (chemtrails, weather modification).

Furthermore, the farmer stated that when he first saw the rays of lights his first inclination was that these are formed when our sun is in East and a second object, like an incoming object, in West.

But when the farmer asked about possible incoming objects, the meteorologist stated he knew nothing about incoming objects however he firmly believes there is something sinister behind chemtrails and that the rare phenomenon is a result of weather manipulation.

So far, the farmer concluded that the rays of lights are caused by spraying chemicals and biologic agents in the air.

But I’m not sure if the phenomenon is caused by chemtrails or other kind of weather manipulation except if we are living in a simulated virtual realm and weather manipulation is part of a process to let us think that we are living in the ultimate reality, what we see is real.

Another possibility could be that the ray of lights and its mirror are the result of an advanced technology, like a super computer or a beamer with the capacity to display certain holograms, yet the possibility the phenomenon is something from a parallel world.

Finally, if a similar ray of lights appears exactly at the opposite site of the original ray of lights and its source (the sun) then definitely something is wrong and we may wonder whether we are living in a simulated world or maybe something else is going what we don’t know.

In the next video the farmer who did not mentioned the location shows the bizarre phenomenon in the sky.


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