Strange dragon figure hidden in cloud formation captured over Oklahoma

dragon angel cloudA strange bright cloud what looks like a flying dragon has been caught on camera.

The videographer who noticed and captured the unusual bright light in the sky over Oklahoma on August 28, 2016 wonders what is going on in our skies as this cloud is not normal and not how clouds use to be.

Indeed, the last years many strange things appear in the skies, from the well known chemtrails to cloaked UFOs, strange lights darting above clouds, beams of  light, portals opens in the sky, unidentified objects which falling from the skies, yet the on-going extreme weather events around the world.

Altering or manipulating the weather is a fact but it does not explain everything but I am sure that there is more going on than we know

Anyhow, I wonder whether the strange bright dragon figure in the sky over Oklahoma is just a natural sky phenomenon or something paranormal.

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