Rainbow Cloud or Earthquake Light in the sky over Poland

Rainbow Cloud earthquake lights Phenomenon PolandAccording to the video uploader a spectacular rainbow cloud appeared over the city Rybnik in southern Poland end of July 2016.

According to a meteorologist from a TV weather channel, the unusual shape and colors above the clouds is a so-called rainbow cloud, it arises as a result of the passage of sunlight which breaks down the ice particles in clouds at certain heights, but I am not sure if it is just an unusual optical sky phenomenon. Is it possible that this phenomenon is an earthquake light?

An earthquake light is an unusual luminous aerial phenomenon which takes many forms that reportedly appears in the sky before an earthquake and something afterwards and could provide an early warning sign. It is known that earthquake lights appear weeks up till minutes before an earthquake occurs.

Appearances of the earthquake light seem to occur when the quakes have a high magnitude, generally 5 or higher on the Richter scale.

Just today, August 24, 2016, a magnitude 6.2 Earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving at least six people dead and others trapped under rubble, so far. The quake hit at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), 76 km (47 miles) southeast of the city of Perugia, at the very shallow depth of 10km (six miles), the USGS said.

Although the spectacular colorful cloud happened over the city Rybnik in southern Poland, the geographical distance between Rybnik and Perugia is just about 900 km, which I wonder whether the sky phenomenon in Poland has something to do with today’s massive earthquake in Italy or not.

earthquake lights

If you compare the earthquake light in Poland you see that it is similar to other well known earthquake lights such as the earthquake lights that appeared in the sky before the 2010 Santiago earthquake and the earthquake lights before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in china.





2 thoughts on “Rainbow Cloud or Earthquake Light in the sky over Poland

  1. It is linked, but I believe scientists don’t know enough about the phenomena. Near my mother’s family house and in the whole town there were many instances of observations of plasma-like lights – I know about a half of dozen of them from my family members alone. If they happen to be observed by many people, like in the town center they are assumed by the newspapers to be ufos and from that reason they are massively underreported, as people in Poland usually are not keen on admitting in public that they’ve observed paranormal stuff. There were not linked to any earthquakes in the nearby, but the geological structure of the area is exactly what scientific articles say about the earthquake lights. It is probably quite often phenomenon, but people don’t like to report that they saw ufos, ghosts, angels or whatever they assume it was.


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