Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

mysterious creaturesIn this world there are real life strange mysterious creatures and for real paranormal mysteries that are just are unexplainable. The internet has endless hoaxes, but it only takes one real video to prove that we are not alone. Watch this countdown and you be the judge! Here are five mysterious creatures caught on camera. Take a look!

1. The England Tree Fairy

This video shows what is suppose to be a real life Fairy caught on video in England. A man in the filming is children playing in the backyard while looking at an apple tree. One of his kids spots an insect. We can see a humanoid figure with wings. It looks like a fairy!

2. The Sewer Monster Creature

A closed circuit camera by the North West water company Unlighted Utilities in England caught a scary creature on video. After inspecting the video an employee said that they never saw something like this before, and they added that the creature is just to big to be a rat, or any other small mammal found in the sewers.

3. The Roadside Witch
This creepy footage you’re about to watch is really mysterious. A man is driving his car in and slows down to avoid a very strange figure dressed in white. As the video continues the stage humanoid figure seems to be hunched over and seemingly becomes contorted.

4. The Small Goblin
A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like Demon or monster. They are called by different names in different cultures. He in this video we supposedly see a real goblin caught on tape as two small children are playing in their room.

5. The Albino Bigfoot

This video was recorded in Pennsylvania. Residents were reporting that they were hearing strange sounds coming from the woods late at night. One of the homeowners decided to try and find the source of the sounds. He stepped out of his house with a flashlight and his camera.


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