Mysterious Red Glow appears in the sky over Ankara, Turkey

strange red glow light ankara turkeyYesterday, August 17, 2016, a mysterious red glow appeared in the sky over Ankara in Turkey.

May people wonder what this red light could be, while others talk about a bad sign which indicate that soon an unprecedented event will occur in their country.

One witness managed to capture the strange appearance in the sky with his mobile phone. According to news outlet milliyet the witness will investigate the strange event as he wants to know what really happened that night.

Watch video of the strange event at:–Ankara-daki-kirmizi-isigin-pesine-dustu–IDVlmXTqYF0o.html


One thought on “Mysterious Red Glow appears in the sky over Ankara, Turkey

  1. We a couple of friends saw it, I thought in the very beginning that it might be the advertisement light of shopping malls but later it wasn’t, and what it was couldn’t figure it out, just looking for search of what it means but it’s still mysterious, the mayor and the city administration are looking for the reason of the appearance of ghost light through various departments, and I personally looking and searching the purpose and reason of such mysterious ligh.


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