Plane Hit By Golf ball-sized Hailstones

golf bal-sized hailstonesJuly 2016 was a crazy month in more ways than one. A global spike in terror attacks and people going postal was apparently mirrored by Mother Nature.

Among the extreme weather events and trends in environmental upheaval last month, we observed: A destructive tornado outbreak in South Africa (where it’s winter-time) Hail the size of golfballs falling in, of all places, Colombia and Brazil and a China Southern Airlines plane’s pilots had to prove their mettle when a massive hail storm hit as they descended towards Chengdu, and they were left to land the plane virtually ‘blind’. This meant the pilots had to navigate using their instruments rather than by sight.

According to the Aviation Herald, the Airbus A320 Flight CZ3483 was travelling from Guangzhou to Chengdu on 9 July, “when the aircraft encountered hail causing both windshields to become basically opaque”. The hail stones also stripped off the paint from the nose of the plane clean off.

golf bal-sized hailstones

Credit images: chinadotcom

Furthermore,intense electrical storms everywhere, with lightning strikes continuing to pick people off in alarming numbers Deluges of rain washing away cars and people everywhere from Mexico City to Berlin to Maryland

Devastating flooding across swathes of China, India and Nepal Multiple destructive waterspouts coming ashore in Cuba Animals, both wild and captive, attacking and killing people An enormous meteor fragmenting from horizon to horizon over the US Southwest

These were just some of the signs in July 2016…


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