The myth of the ancient Egyptian Bennu Bird associated with Osiris becomes true?

bennu bird asteroidAccording to ancient Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world.

It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum. It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation.

Ancient civilizations believe that the Bennu bird is linked with the sun and periodically renews itself like the sun. The Bennu bird is also a symbol of creation and rebirth and therefore associated with the ancient Egyptian god Osiris, the god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead.

Now it seems NASA is planning to launch a probe to collect rock samples from an asteroid as it fears the asteroid could one day hit the Earth.

A giant asteroid which is around 500 meters in diameters at its equator and travels around the sun at 63,000mph will pass between Earth and the moon in 2135.

The giant rock was discovered on September 11, 1999 (9.11.1999) by Michael Puzio, a third-grader from North Carolina and they named the asteroid Bennu.

Dante Lauretta, professor of planetary science at Arizona University, told The News reports that the asteroid can be seen from Earth as it crosses our orbit every six years but the 2135 fly-by is going to tweak Bennu’s orbit, potentially putting it on course for the Earth later that century.

NASA plans to launch the probe, named Osiris-Rex on September 8, 2016 to reach the potentially dangerous asteroid Bennu in August 2018. If Osiris-Rex survives its rendezvous  with Bennu, a small vacuum-like device will hovering above Bennu sucking up a 400-600 grams of gravel and soil’ to bring back to earth in 2023.

If you compare the story of the Bennu bird with the asteroid Bennu and its 2135 fly-by, we may wonder whether they have made a conscious decision to name this rock Bennu and the probe Osiris-Rex.

Maybe they have hidden some truths about the ancient Egyptian Bennu Bird and it’s association with the god Osiris in plain sight?


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