Mysterious Pennsylvania Ice Mine Only Produces Ice In The Summer

Mysterious Pennsylvania Ice MineMost people like to escape the summer heat with a trip to the beach or a swim in the local pool, but here’s an alternative for those of you with more eclectic travel tastes: Coudersport Ice Mine.

The mine was a tucked-away roadside attraction in Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains for many years until it was abruptly closed down a quarter of a century ago. But now, after a 25-year hiatus, this hidden summer getaway is once again open to the public, reports Living on Earth.

The frigid cavern isn’t just a great place to escape the summer heat; it’s also something of an unsolved anomaly. Strangely, the cave only produces ice in the summertime, and it tends to produce more ice the higher the surrounding temperature gets. When winter falls and snow covers the hilltops, the ice in the cave melts. The phenomenon is so mysterious that some locals even claim (falsely) that the cave is manmade.


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