October 13, 2015 will Mark the Real 2,570 Day Shemitah Cycle

Shemitah CycleAnyone wondering why the last (anticipated/September 13th) Shemitah collapse was a non-event may be interested in the following math:

Shemitah collapse 1: September 17, 2001 (Elul 29).

Shemitah collapse 2: September 29, 2008 (Elul 29).

Note: There are exactly 2,570 days separating these two collapses.

What happens if we add 2,570 days to the most recent, 2008, collapse?

We arrive at October 13th, 2015!

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shares what’s next on God’s prophetic calendar concerning America, Israel and the world. See his latest interview to find out what is beyond the Harbinger and the Shemitah!


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