Volcanoes Moving, West Coast Hit, Global Earthquake Update and Forecast September 2015

This is a FULL breakdown of the past weeks worth of Earthquakes, the locations of the volcanic seismic unrest which are swarming, and a full rundown of the processes at play causing the movement to occur in the United State, Central + South America, West Pacific, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The last earthquake forecast issued on September 1, 2015 called for renewed West Coast earthquake activity to reach higher than M5.0……. we have seen a M5.2 (now downgraded to a M4.7) in NW Nevada, and a M6.7 off the West coast in the Gulf of California Baja Mexico.

In addition to the multiple earthquakes on the West coast striking in just a few days time from each other, this video makes note of the location of the earthquakes mostly residing directly in close proximity to dormant volcanoes.

Areas near the Northern Border of the United States and Canada.. reaching into Vancouver Island BC .. and the Southeast Alaskan island chain need to be on watch for possible larger activity to strike (as shown in the video).

Don’t rule out activity to the South in Central California near the dormant volcanoes.

West Pacific.. areas are now a repeat of the previous watch zones from the past several watches over the past several months. Things are starting to follow a definite pattern at this point.


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