Is NASA Hinting at Asteroid Impact In 2022?

NASA’s Claim on the top of the main page Claims it’s just for an Exercise. But we know all to well how exercises go live. Even if there is not an impact in 2022, the information they release is pretty interesting.

At first there is NASA’s PDF-sheet with detailed information on this so so-called exercise. It starts with:

Based on new tracking observations obtained over the last month, IAWN has determined that asteroid 2015 PDC is on a course that will impact the Earth on September 3, 2022, less than 6 years from now.

The exact location of the impact cannot yet be determined, but it will occur somewhere within a shortened risk corridor, unless the asteroid is deflected or disrupted.

And then the PDF sheet points to the JPL page – Near Earth Object Program. And starts with the text:

This webpage does not describe a real potential asteroid impact. The information on this page is fictional and provided only to support an emergency response exercise.

Then: This image (See image above) shows the updated risk corridor for 2015 PDC, traced by the red dots. The corridor is shorter now, and this single image shows its entire extent.

The corridor now starts in the western Pacific Ocean, but from there it follows the same westerly path as before, crossing the Philippines, South China Sea, Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey.

The significant change from the last press release is that the impact is now certain, and the asteroid is definitely headed for an impact somewhere within the red footprint.

They love to hide things in plain sight!

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