Yellowstone: Experts Warn of 90k Instant Deaths, Nuclear Winter if Supervolcano Erupts

Scientists have long debated the odds of the supervolcano resting underneath the surface of Yellowstone National Park erupting.

With some believing it is unlikely to happen anytime soon and others thinking that it is only a matter of time, the public at large has been left with more questions than answers.

Although no one truly knows when or if the supervolcano will blow, the fact remains that there has been an increasing number of signs that point to an eruption in the near future which makes educating the American people as to what this would actually look like all the more important.

Thankfully, between research conducted in alternative media/thinking circles and studies put out by more establishment type scientists, one can paint a reasonably clear picture as to the horror that would be unleashed on the United States if the supervolcano did erupt.


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