A Recent Swarm of Earthquakes Continues to Shake Northern Nevada

A recent swarm of earthquakes continues to shake Northern Nevada as local seismologists monitor the on-going activity that includes three quakes larger than magnitude 4 since mid-July – with the strongest quake reaching 4.6.

The swarm includes 209 earthquakes reaching a magnitude of 3, 20 earthquakes of magnitude 4 and five earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or greater. The recent largest earthquake was a magnitude of 4.7 recorded in early November last year, seismologists said in a news release Monday.

“Although the activity is pretty far from population centers, that doesn’t help the ranchers and residents near Vya, Nev. east of Cedarville, Calif., who feel the shaking from nearly every earthquake larger than about magnitude 3,” Ken Smith, a seismologist at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Nevada Seismological Laboratory, said in a statement Monday. X

“Since last July, we’ve been able (to) locate 5,610 earthquakes in the swarm.”

The swarm has included three periods of magnitude 4 earthquakes, Smith said. The first period was in November and early December of last year. The second was recorded in January and the most recent wave began in mid-July, he said. X UNR seismologists: Earthquake swarm to keep shaking Nevada.


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