Signs Of Change – The Past Few Weeks Or So 2015

signs earth change mass animal deathWitness the surreal footage and the unspeakable acts of nature.

An apocalyptic- like surge of events has taken place the past few weeks or so.

The footage shows the following events happened in just the last weeks of April 2015 and it is just the tip of the iceberg. These on going extreme weather events and mass animal death are leading to bigger earth changes but it does not mean the world is ending!

Over 100 melon-headed dolphins wash up on Japan beach
Over 200 Birds Found Dead, Injured Across Ahmedabad
Tonnes of dead fish removed from Rio Olympic rowing venue
Flying fish attack college rowing team in rural Missouri
29-foot whale shark washes ashore in Ecuador
Oregon Beaches Blanketed by Slimy Purple ‘Jellyfish’                                                                                                                               Epic storm turns day into night in Belarusian city
Gates of Hell: Dashcam footage of terrifying wildfire in Russia
Earthquakes strike parts of northern China
Severe Storms Strike Southern, Western States
One dead during earthquake in Taiwan
Tornado Strikes Brazil, Killing at Least Two People and Leaving More Than 1,000 Homeless
Three dead in NSW storms
Crazy huge dust devil spins at Las Vegas sign
Rare Snow Devil Caught On Cam In Lessach
Weak tornado touches down in Kunia
State of emergency declared as Volcano Calbuco erupts in Chile
Severe Weather Hits Gulf To Northeast
Earthquakes rattle West Coast and B.C. Interior
Earthquake measuring 6.3 hits New Zealand
Freak hailstorm pounds NSW
Massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, tremors across northern India 25                                                                                          Nepal earthquake: China Int’l Search & Rescue Team headed to Kathmandu
Death toll from Nepal’s quake tops 7,000; more than 14,000 injured
Freak “mini-cyclone” kills 45 in northwest Pakistan
Texas storms bring twisters, flooding and massive hail
Sandstorm batters China′s northwest region
At least 12 killed in mudslides in Salvador
Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupts a third time
7.1 magnitude earthquake hits PNG


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