June 1, 2015: Extremely Rare NORTH POLE Earthquake – 5.2 magnitude near new undersea volcano

earthquake earth change climateIf you needed any more indications that we are picking up pace in the activity showing from the current (ongoing) global seismic unrest event …. an event which began several weeks ago, and has ramped up in activity over the past several days….. then this newest event should hopefully convince even the most ardent skeptic.

Japan has been placed on alert (by their professionals) to be on watch for a possible larger earthquake than yesterdays 7.8M (8.5M revised) event.

West Coast United States (California / Oregon) just experienced two noteworthy earthquakes 5.8M + 5.5M. Also multiple dormant volcanoes showed movement , including Salton Sea volcano near San Diego, CA — and the Markagunt Volcanic Plateau in South Utah.

Alaska experienced a magnitude 6.8 earthquake.

Add in the New Madrid seismic zone earthquake at the Illinois fracking operation, and the recent flurry of unexpected eruptions in Japan, and the Galapagos islands….. plus multiple earthquakes in England ….and you can begin to see THIS IS A LOT OF ACTIVITY FOR ONE WEEKS TIME!

No exaggeration, this large uptick in activity means the Pacific should be on watch for a large event in the near term… people should be warned to be on watch, but go about regular daily life with this knowledge.

Things may quiet out over the next few days… but the chances of NO followup movement from the deep 8.5M in Japan are very slim in my opinion. The fact that the West coast of the United States is showing movement in the upper 5.0M range means the Pacific Plate is adjusting in a serious way… notice.. NOT ONE large earthquake near Papua New Guinea since this new movement began….. this should all change after another large earthquake strikes at a shallow level..

Most likely will strike in the area adjacent to the deep 8.5M event which has been rather silent lately. Let’s hope for the best, but plan for the worst.


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