RAW: Breathtaking ‘Volcano of Fire’ eruption and Lightning Flashes in Ash Cloud

Colima Volcano  Mexican volcanic eruption lightning ash cloudColima volcano (also known as ‘Volcano of fire’) erupts sending 3 000 meters column of ashes, steam into air.

Lightning flash spotted in the ash cloud of the Colima Volcano which is 301 miles west of Mexico City.
Strikes caused by high levels of electric charge building up as ash particles rub together
Bolts can heat surrounding air to 3,000°C and melt ash in the cloud into glassy spheres, scientists discovered.

There are few things more beautiful – or terrifying – than the menacing flash of lightning bolts within a volcanic ash cloud.

The latest picture, captured by an amateur photographer as the Colima volcano in Mexico spews out a plume of ash and lava, reveals the raw power of a volcanic eruption.

Hernando Rivera Cervantes took the pictures as local authorities warned those living around the volcano, which is also known as the Fire volcano, to prepare for a possible evacuation.




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