Meteor Outburst ALERT! Bolides, Fireballs and Meteors Sudden Increase – Apr 2, 2015

Meteor Bolides Fireballs  MeteorsALERT- Increased Meteor Activity! Expect some large fireballs this month and especially large ones 3-5 days before and prior to 07APR2015 as there will be large debris associated with TWO mountain-sized asteroids 2063 Bacchus and 235756 (2004 VC).

There are currently 3 known NEO Asteroids discovered that will pass within approximately 10LD or less (LD stands for “Lunar Distance”), in the month of April; expect that 10 or more 10LD NEOs will be discovered before month end.
Be ready for some bolide, fireball, and meteor activity!

There are TWO small mountain-sized asteroids that will safely pass this month.


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