Missing Nukes, Missing Airlines = False Flag

missing nukes missing plane false flagIt’s now over a year since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and while none of us can be certain what became of the missing aircraft, the theories continue to come thick and fast.

According to Senior Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff, a major recent Russian Intel dump into the Public Domain included some astounding information.

The most alarming disclosure was that at present there are twenty-five American cities which currently have nukes that have been secretly planted in them by the IZCS on behalf of the City of London Zionist Bankers which can be used to blackmail the American Administration into starting another major war or continuing perpetual Mideast war in Iraq, Syria or Iran or attacking the Ukraine by air.

It is clear that this was done by Putin in retaliation to Obama’s threats of sanctions against the New Russian Federation over Russia’s stand on the Ukraine and specifically the Annexation of Crimea which was overwhelmingly approved and passed by Crimean Citizens. Read more..

Alex Jones takes calls and breaks down the continued debate over the missing nukes and how it may effect the 2016 election.


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