EUCACH Melanie Vritschan: NSA is remotely assassinating me as it did Dr. Rauni Kilde

nsa-nan0-technology-nwo-illuminatiBRUSSELS – EUCACH Public Relations Director Melanie Vritschan declared today in a interview that NSA-DARPA-Motorola’s strangulation nano-technology, implanted in her throat clandestinely during a routine hospital procedure, has been shown by CT scans to have deformed her hyoid bone in the throat area, like a strangulation would do.

Ms. Vritschan states she can literally be killed any night by remote strangulation, and is told nightly by voice to skull technology – “Now we are going to kill you!”

Melanie is the 2nd active director of EUCACH to be assassinated or threatened with assassination in less than a month.


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