The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO and the Moon is an Illusion

moon_NWO_NASA_IllusionInformation that was removed from Books and Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , “Religion”, and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO and mankinds freedom.

The following video from Crrow777  “The Moon is an illusion and No ones goes  above low earth orbit” is an eye-opener and I recommend, watch the entire video and listen to what he is trying to explain to us. Watch the video with an open mind and think out of the box.

Crrow777 said: “After many thousands of hours of lunar observation and research I have come to know that the moon is an illusion and that people cannot go above low Earth orbit. The moon is not a rock in orbit around the Earth”

We are living in a Matrix?


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