Ancient Blood Conspiracy

ancient_conspiracyThe purpose of this video is to expose the secrets, lies, suppressed information and illicit facts that most of the people in positions of authority would much rather keep you ignorant of and most everyone else doesn’t even know exists. It’s about challenging the comfortable world of official versions and established thinking by giving you access to the knowledge and information that will make the most powerful people, whether they are in government, business, academia, military, the judiciary, media, or the established church uncomfortable at the very least and more than likely will really piss them off.

In other words, it is designed for those seeking “The TRUTH” in this world of lies. I believe this video pretty much covers all the truth and evidence that most people can handle to start with, and then some.

This includes the truth about our unbelievably amazing ancient history, the truth about who/what has been behind most all of the atrocities committed against mankind and everything else on this planet as well as the truth about what God actually is and our intimate connection to It/Him.

keep in mind as you watch the film, that all the amazing stuff you are learning, is merely the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to learn. This video simply tells the basic story and barely scratches the surface of available information and evidence that exists. Almost every possible relevant topic has been well researched and written about extensively but no one has put it all together and made it all available in one place.

You probably have personal knowledge of many pieces of this complex puzzle yourself and simply do not know where they fit or even that the puzzle exists. Once you can see the big picture though, I believe you will begin to see exactly where those pieces fit and you will never look at the world the same again.

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