Step inside the mysterious Ancient Tomb in Kasta hill of Amphipolis in Macedonia, Greece

Ancient_ Tomb_ Kasta_ hill_ Amphipolis_ Macedonia_ GreeceA digital 3d reconstruction of the newly discovered tomb in Kasta hill of ancient Amphipolis, in Macedonia, Greece.

The Kasta Tomb or Casta Tomb, also known as the Amphipolis Tomb, is an ancient Macedonian tomb discovered in Amphipolis, Central Macedonia, in northern Greece in 2012 and first entered in August 2014.The tomb is dated at the last quarter of 4th century B.C., and it is the largest burial monument ever discovered in Greece and by comparison dwarfs the tomb of Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, in Vergina.

It is not yet known who is buried in the tomb, but the initial public speculation that it could be the tomb of Alexander the Great, because of its size and estimated cost of construction, was dismissed by the experts community when commenting on the published findings, as the available historical records mention Alexandria in Egypt as the last known location of Alexander’s body; it has been supported instead, that a likely occupant could be either a wealthy Macedonian noble or a late member of the royal family.

The skeletal remains of 5 people were unearthed within a corresponding tomb, in the lower levels of the third chamber in November 2014. The dead of the burial are: A woman at the age of 60, 2 men aged 35-45, a newborn infant and a fifth person represented by minimum fragments. Further examination is underway with regards to the dating of the skeletal remains, as well as DNA cross examination between the dead of the burial as well as other skeletons from the neighboring tombs in the area.

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