Unusual Geological Events – Mysterious Booms And Shaking

strange sounds booms rattle earthquake volcano tectonic platesA surge of booms, bangs and shaking explodes in 2015. But why?

The trajectory of the evidence of massive global devastation strongly suggests that worldwide annihilation is upon us.  This is the conclusion reached by biologists, astronomers (most of them has died mysteriously) and many other scientists and researchers all around the world – including methane experts, volcanologists, etc.

Our normal rate of volcanic eruptions is ten to twenty per day, for example, but this rate has been steadily climbing over the past few years and over 40 volcanic eruptions per day have been occurring for the past week.

Those who are unaware of this overwhelming evidence will not believe it – but a brief review of the global devastation – including massive flooding, deaths from lightning strikes, increased soil saturation that’s causing increased landslides and train derailments, sea surface temperatures eight degrees warmer than normal, etc.

It does not mean the world is ending.. It’s just changing right before our eyes….

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