Hundreds of People vanishing in National Parks! What’s going On?

national_parks_people_vansihing_mystery_unexplainedGeorge Knapp and others report on the strange cases of hundreds of people vanishing in national parks.

According to BeforeItNews David Paulidis, A former cop began investigating these vanishings when he got a knock on his door by an informant that worked for the government who told one heck of a story about the hundreds that vanished from National Parks and forests.

David wrote a series of  books on over 400 vanishings called “Missing 411″ and here’s where the story gets even stranger.  While researching missing people for his book, David did began doing freedom of information requests.  What he got back was shocking!   He was told by the National Parks that they didn’t keep that information!  Later when pressed they told him that they could provide him a list of all the missing people but it would cost $1.4 million!

David began making his own list and discovered there were over 30 cluster sites where most of these vanishings were happening.  He noticed that the people that vanish often do so right under the noses of others in the area.  The missing also shed their clothes right away and they are folded neatly.  One of the Park Rangers said it was like you were standing straight up and you melted away, that’s what it looked like!


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