Alert! Historic Thunder Ice Snow Storm to hit North-East U.S.A. in 24 Hours!

ice, snow, storm, blizzard north-east USAICE BLIZZARD — NORTHEAST U.S.A
NYC mayor: “Coming storm like ‘we’ve never seen before”

NYC, BOSTON, RHODE ISLAND, BALTIMORE, PHILLY, ETC. Mayor places urgent warning!

Prepare for something worse than we have ever seen before. National weather service says, “Worst snow storm in history.”

20-30 Inches of snow with wind gust of 65 mph and snow
Conditions blinding for hours, prepare
Storm expected early Monday morning
Schools to be closed for days
Can be life threatening if driving in it
Unusually icy and slippery conditions
Frozen pipes highly likely
Power outages expected
Intense ‘Thunder snow”
Snow and wind for hours on end
Many cities will experience for it for the first time

The National Weather Service and Mayors across these areas are calling for residents to be off the streets by early morning and prepare with extra items…………………


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