The CERN-2015 Test and the NWO Time Manipulation

2015_CERN_NWO_Time_ManipulationThis video report discusses the recent 12-21 and 12-24 noted and coded key dates and introduces a discussion regarding a suspected time line manipulation, that began on 12-21-14 and runs through 03-20-16.

This entire manipulated time period, will be assessed by the supercomputer, as to events that take place in the future, and in doing so, it will begin implementing changes to our current timeline, based on what it has learned all the way out to the future date of 03-20-16, starting on 03-20-15, when the time manipulation begun on 03-20-15, will allow the NWO and their supercomputer to advance Planet Earth and its inhabitants, past the incoming space object and planetary disaster, some think is Nibiru, Planet X, or a Dark Star.

By manipulating time, the NWO will use the space disaster to advance their agenda, by implementing national emergency measures, martial law, long before such a large space object passes between the Sun and Planet Earth. It is this space object safe passing, that the time manipulation seeks to achieve, so that the NWO can use the emergency, to invoke all the social measures needed to control society, in the run up to the close pass by of the space object.

On 03-20-15, it is my suspicion that the NWO supercomputer and CERN, will begin a series of social manipulation of time and events, that are needed for their future NWO agenda to succeed.

By using the space object to justify govt measures and draconian measures and actions on the world populations, it allows the govt and NWO types to use the disaster to advance their goals all the while a large space object passes around our Sun, that has the capacity to create asteroid impacts, ELE events, tsunami’s, volcanic eruptions and weather anomalies, that will most likely occur during its passing and thus impacting all humans on earth during its passing.

By Manipulating time in such a way, the supercomputer will peer to the future date of 03-20-16, when at such time, it is suspected that the space object will have passed on into space. This is when the NWO knowing of the safe passing details in advance, that will use the knowledge to their advantage, beginning on 03-20-15, while deceiving the masses that what is here is our final moment, when in secret, they know how it turns out and in knowing how it turns out, they will manipulate events to assure their future success, that from all appearances, leads us to March 20, 2016, when the supercomputer, has marked their future move, into time, beyond the space disaster, and into a new age, under the control of the planet and its inhabitants, that they will call, their one world govt and or New World Order.


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