Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: Mushroom Cloud and ‘Green Light’ Federal Reserve Panic!

The Economist Cover portraying a glimpse into 2015.

The below cover is filled with strange things, but maybe some are signs!

Economist2014_cover_“üeolHere are some YouTube comments:

Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel both wearing the ‘Ebola Green’ Necklaces.

The coin on the ‘PANIC’ board is a Chinese red-star.

The Pied piper is looking down and playing to ‘Clown’ fish (leading clowns out of their protective shelters in the coral).

The Crop Duster is a Drone.

The sumo wrestler s holding the Negative end of a battery (Fukishima?).

Angela Merkel is making the Illuminati sign with her hands.

The lower globe/egg resembles the NFL Super bowl trophy.

Alice in wonderland is staring at the group (like staring thru the looking glass) at the Cheshire Cat exposed between Obama and China Leader.

The feather hat has Mallard Duck winds, but they don’t make these kinds of ‘birds nests’ for their eggs.

The ball behind Alice in wonderland is wrapped several times with rosary beads.

On the bottom of the ghost holiday brochure are the letters IS (isis)?

The drums… not sure, but what is 2015 the 50th anniversary for (particularly with regards to Britain?).

The eyes on the upper left Globe seem to be in areas of interest lately. Malaysia and Crimea?

Look under the Amazon delivery drone you see an extra hand forming a peace sign or if added to the hand next to it there makes the number 7 or month of July that hand doesn’t belong to any figure in the crowd its added in. This is why I think it has some significance. The arrows are pointing to the ground this in my opinion signifies two earthquakes on 11.5 and 11.3.

Interesting how the guitar with the Union Jack and U.S decorated drums is symbolic of the “British music invasion” The 50th anniversary could be 2014-2015.

The lady in the back left is wearing a crown of the sun god Ra symbol or ISIS symbol in this crown it holds a nest full of so called eggs which look like eyes.

ICBM launched from Kiev (above poroshenko’s head) they will use espionage or files directly affecting Putin to get him to play his hand (masked guy with binoculars and the flute playing guy playing to Putin’s hand possibly the black sea).

Some sort of a pandemic in china (face masked man above Chinese presidents head).

Russian oligarchs are planning to show their hands (moves) Napoleons hand above Putins’s head (they will try to push Putin in to a corner).
The globe faces…. right face’s lips is pointing to the nuclear explosion, the left face is depicting the area of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Turkey and the Russian Caucasus.

Drone deliveries will come in to motion, will be used to pass on pandemics.

There is Napoleon under “The” waves hand over Putin head. That means War with Russia.

And Look at Roosevelt next to Cameron in background waving victory sign.

Above Angela Merkel is Freyja German Goddess of war. It seems like helicopter touches Putin and Germany.

Bank Holiday at feet of President of France François Hollande.

2015 is the beginning of the economic collapse worldwide, and the beginning of the nuclear war that will escalate in 2016.

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One thought on “Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: Mushroom Cloud and ‘Green Light’ Federal Reserve Panic!

  1. The girl with the wings over the head is Isis. She is looking straight at Hollande. She has a nest with seven eggs on the head. The egg is the birth, the beginning. The ‘egg’, the beginning, of the year is the first of january. Seven eggs are the first seven days of the year: 7/1/2015 = Charlie Hebdo.


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