SHOCKING: Another AirAsia Plane FLT Z2272 Overshoots Runway in Philippines

airasia z22272 accidentNew AirAsia accident. AirAsia Plane OVERSHOOTS runway at Kalibo International Airport in the Philippines.

A witness says it made a hard landing, and passengers had to use the evacuation slides.

Norah O’Donnell reports.Philippines AirAsia FLT Z2272 with 159 on board overshoots the runway and the emergency exits opened up no deaths or serious injuries.

A second AirAsia jet ran into trouble after it overshot a runway while landing in the Philippines on Tuesday, forcing those aboard to disembark by emergency slides, a passenger on the plane told NBC News. There were not believed to be any injuries from the hard landing of the AirAsia plane in Kalibo, on the Philippine island of Panay.

“There was some turbulence but we didn’t expect that landing,” Jakata-based journalist Jet Damazo Santos, who was on board the flight, told NBC News. “I didn’t even realize we overshot the runway until we saw grass outside the window.”

Is it just coincidence two plane crashes within some days or not? See our article: Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Was Predicted, Warned About Two Weeks Ago!




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