Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So December 2014

signs of the time_planet_earth_climate_changeLarge scale disasters have taken place the past week or so…A series of extreme weather events which are leading to bigger earth changes.

If some say this is normal, well they better check the history of weather patterns for the last 100 yrs. at least. You really have to ask yourself what is causing the earth to change so dramatically? The earth just doesn’t decide “well this year is a time to change?”
Something is making this happen!
Below a list of the most remarkable events from November 24 to December 14, 2014. (See video)
01. Caught on camera: Terrifying tornado hits South Africa (Nov.24)
02. Cape Verde volcano eruption: Residents evacuated (Nov.24)
03. Deadly floods in southern Morocco (Nov.24)
04. Sinkhole rescue: Woman falls into 3m hole while hanging out washing in Melbourne’s east (Nov.25)
05. 30 ft. sinkhole sa Cebu, natagpuan sa paghupa ng bagyong Queenie (Nov.28)
06. Meteor California (Nov.26)
07. Meteor Northern China (Nov.26)
08. Meteor California (Nov. 26)
09. Flights diverted, cancelled as Japan’s Mount Aso volcano rumbles into life (Nov. 27)
10. Heavy rains flood out the ruins of Gaza (Nov.27)
11. Several die in south of France flash floods (Nov.28)
12. Tornado tears up Spanish resort (Nov.28)
13. Passengers push frozen plane in Siberia (Nov.26)
14. New round of severe weather and flooding for Morocco, Spain, France, Italy and parts of Balkan Peninsula (Nov.29)
15. Brisbane storm: why was it so bad? (Nov.27th)
16. Car plunges into sinkhole in China (Nov.30)
17. Unknown boom shakes windows in New York and UK (Nov.30)
18. Ice and winds cause havoc in east and central Europe (Dec.3)
19. Freak Russian blizzard: Mad snow storm swallows cities in Far East (Dec.3)
20. Thousands of mussels washed up on South African beach (Dec.3)
21. California storms bring snow, flooding and sinkholes (dec.4-5)
22. West Warwick Booms (Dec.8)
23. Severe storms sweep south-east Qld (Dec.8)
24. Typhoon Hagupit: Death Toll Jumps in Philippines on Samar Island (Dec.8th)
25. “Weather bomb” causes blackouts and transport disruptions in UK (Dec.10)
26. Pacific storm triggers tornado, mudslides, floods in Southern California (Dec.11-12)
27. Torrential Rains Cause Flooding in Sao Paolo, Brazil (Dec.11)
28. Heavy rains cause havoc in Greece and Romania (Dec.11)
29. Mudslide In Central Indonesia Kills 56, Dozens Missing (Dec.14)



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