NASA Exposes Illuminati Ties With Perfectly Timed (911) Apogee During The “Orion Test Flight”

NASA Orion spacecraftDuring the test flight/procedure of the Orion spacecraft on December 5, the flight coordinator made some strange comments (Below video). He talks about 911 and 191. Is it just me or is this some Illuminati signs hidden in plain sight.

Posters comments: You see Orion was originally Osiris. Osiris is the God trapped in the space time box, center of the two pillars, or tree of life. Of course that’s what the Twin towers were modeled after. 9= God 11=Space time duality. God is hidden in the tree of life 191 = Osiris in the box, 911= out of the box.

Project: Orion manned Spacecraft.
January 2004: Bush announced the CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) project.
May 2011: Start of CEV project: Orion
December 5, 2014: Test flight Orion Spacecraft
Year 2021: First manned mission Orion (not expected until 2021 at least)
Year 2030: Projected first manned mission to Mars

Asteroid Apotheosis (2004 MN4)
Asteroid Apotheosis Discovered on May 2004.
Wide: 320 meters
Closest approach to Earth: 30.000 km above Earth in 2029 (on Friday 13th) – They say!


What if asteroid Apotheosis was discovered in 2003, months before the official announcement in May 2004. It explains the announcement of Bush in January 2004 to start up the CEV project and with the arrival of the asteroid in 2029 they have 25 years to prepare the Orion project.

NASA said: Orion projected first manned mission to Mars in 2030. A well-chosen date, a year after the arrival of the asteroid.

What if the “Mars Mission” is a cover-up and the real mission is to fly to asteroid Apotheosis with only one goal to destroy or change the path of the asteroid in order to avoid a collision with earth.


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