Dark Secrets Of The Vatican and Their Alien Agenda as ISIS Heads For Babylon

The Kev Baker Show and Freedomlin Radio, in association with Truth Frequency Radio, are proud to present a 3 hour special on the Vatican , The LUCIFER device and the alien agenda.

Kev, Joe, Marty and Whistles bread down a lecture given by Tom Horn about the last pope, and the vatican alien agenda!

The guys discuss the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device which is an Infa-Red attachment that allows them to see deep into space. What are they looking for? Are we entering a new age? Will there be a “second coming”? Just what are the vatican astronomers looking for?

Will the Jesuit Pope sitting in the Vatican be the fulfiment of an ancient prophecy and oversee that downfall of the Vatican?

For all this, and so much more, tune in to this data-dump! Kev then talks about the symbolic meaning that could be attached to what we are seeing in iraq today with ISIS sweeping through the country.

Are we watching the Whores Return To Babylon to usher in this new age?


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