UFO appears during TV coverage of Hong Kong protests

A man in South Lanarkshire’s civil parish of Blantyre in Scotland was watching BBC coverage of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong when he noticed something unusual in the sky.

Vincent Smith was perplexed by what he saw on the TV—a bright object slowly moving through the sky over Hong Kong. He apparently recorded the broadcast, and then recorded a video of his television as he replayed the broadcast to point out the UFO. He sent his video to local media outlet the Hamilton Advertiser.

Although this unidentified aerial object appears to hover near that building, rather than landing on it, its behavior is unusual. When the UFO first appears on the screen, this bright object moves in a smooth, straight flight path. But its “shooting off vertically” is what makes this object of interest. The question.. UFO or Drone? Continue reading follow article link


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