“Things That Are Coming” – A Warning From Nathan Leal On Hagmann and Hagmann

Nathan Leal from The Watchman’s Cry joins the Hagmann and Hagmann show to offer a dire warning, looking at current events through the prism of End Time prophecy and scripture, Leal describes events that are approaching, “things that are coming,” that are “so horrible” that he states he came on the show “trembling.”

Leal joins the show at the 34:20 mark and describes the things we see in the headlines every day, things that most people see, read and simply move along like it is nothing, showing a real disconnect that is so prevalent in today’s society that barring a major awakening, or “revival” as Leal calls it, will make it so easy for the New World Order, Satan’s demons and minions to complete their agenda.

From ISIS to the plague, Ebola, pestilence and other major events happening right now, Leal shows that worldwide chaos has become the new normal, how what used to be considered “normal” has “left the building.” Continue Reading

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